At EARWIG AUDIO we strive to create the best sound experience with no limits. We believe that with the right volume, clarity and with an almost unlimited playtime, thanks to our solar and battery technology, we can set new standards for all-in-one speaker systems.

Back in 2010 we started building speakers to use for Danish summer festivals, we wanted a speaker that charges itself, it sounds a bit ridiculous, but it’s actually possible. 

What started out as an idea for a festival speaker in a basement north of Copenhagen, has now become so much more.

Today EARWIG AUDIO is a Danish tech startup that has set out to revolutionize portable sound by offering products unlike anything else on the market for portable speakers.

Combining a new highly efficient digital amplifier solution with innovative solar and battery technologies, makes it possible to deliver a stunning sound experience in a truly wireless setup. 

We made what we believe is the ultimate speaker, now it’s up to you to get the experience of the first piece of electronics that you probably never have to charge.